Elite Shift: India’s Ultra Rich Embrace Residential Real Estate Investments

Discover how India's ultra-rich are redirecting their investment focus towards residential real estate, reflecting changing preferences and motivations in the country's investment landscape.
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India’s affluent class is undergoing a significant transformation in its investment strategy, with a notable shift towards residential real estate. This trend reflects changing preferences and motivations among the country’s elite, highlighting a growing interest in upscale living spaces and tangible asset investments.

Elite Allocation: A Focus on Residential Assets

According to a recent Knight Frank report, India’s ultra-rich are increasingly allocating a substantial portion of their wealth to residential properties, with 32% of their investment portfolio directed towards this sector. Moreover, approximately 12% of India’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) are planning to acquire new homes in 2024, indicating a rising appetite for residential real estate investments.

Quality Living Spaces: Meeting Evolving Lifestyle Preferences

Parvinder Singh, CEO of Trident Realty, emphasizes the elite’s growing interest in residential real estate, driven by a desire for high-quality living spaces that cater to evolving lifestyle preferences. The demand is for sustainable, multifunctional environments offering modern amenities and exclusivity. Developers are responding by focusing on privacy, space, and a connection to nature to meet the discerning tastes of affluent buyers.

Projected Growth in UHNWIs

Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2024 forecasts a remarkable surge in the number of Indian UHNWIs, with a projected increase to 19,908 by 2028. This represents a significant 50.1% growth, highlighting India’s highest growth rate in the number of UHNWIs among any country over the next five years.

Real Estate Investments and Lifestyle Shifts

Aman Trehan, Executive Director of Trehan Iris, attributes the surge in residential property investment among India’s elite to a thriving economy and evolving lifestyle choices. Lifestyle shifts towards luxury living experiences drive demands for premium homes and alternative assets. Infrastructure development and connectivity initiatives further enhance investment opportunities, promising capital appreciation and improved lifestyles.

Luxury Living: A Profound Statement

Ashish Sharma, AVP operations at Brahma Group, highlights the seismic shift in the real estate landscape, with India’s elite now allocating 32% of their wealth to residential properties. Luxury real estate has become more than just acquisition—it represents status and purpose. The sector anticipates upward growth in the coming years as affluent investors seek upscale urban living environments.


India’s ultra-rich are increasingly turning towards residential real estate as a cornerstone of their investment strategy. This trend underscores a desire for quality living spaces, long-term value, and prestige. As the market evolves, developers must anticipate and cater to the ever-changing needs of this elite demographic to capitalize on the growing demand for luxury residential properties.

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