Editorial : Artificial Intelligence coming into big way in Real Estate

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By Dr Sanjay Murari Chaturvedi

In the era of automations and BOT, new generation homes are emerging as new accommodation concepts. Artificial intelligence (AI) which is in its first lap around the world and much research is on its way to mature the AI science, have already started taking centre stage.  If you remember, Tata Honeywell was the only company offering home automation. Now since the AI is different then Home Automation and machine controls, new age builders and corporates are adopting new arenas of AI to build smart homes.

AI enabled homes are in great demand as they not only gives automation but also control the activities, security, cleanliness, safety, children safety, saving power and energy, water, and making the entire edifice as eco homes with the thinking brain which your grandma was telling you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is not human intelligence (HI) . Human intelligence or original intelligence cannot be replaced by AI. What AI lack in is human emotions, the human brain which is much superior to any computer ever built by human beings. HI cannot be replaced by AI.

Human intelligence is the lever that we have used for millennia to create the world we live in today: science, technology, math, physics, chemistry, medicine, energy, construction, transportation, communication, art, music, culture, philosophy, ethics, morality. Without the application of intelligence on all these domains, we would all still be living in mud huts, scratching out a meager existence of subsistence farming. Instead we have used our intelligence to raise our standard of living on the order of 10,000X over the last 4,000 years.

What is AI? The application of mathematics and software code to teach computers how to understand, synthesize, and generate knowledge in ways similar to how people do it. AI is a computer program like any other – it runs, takes input, processes, and generates output. AI’s output is useful across a wide range of fields, ranging from coding to medicine to law to the creative arts. It is owned by people and controlled by people, like any other technology.

Real Estate is one of the first human activities which will get AI and benefit out of it. Indian Companies and many foreign universities are offering AI for new generation homes. A new era of modern homes just started.



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