Where not to purchase home: A check list

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By AW Research

Monsoon is the best season to identify and inspect your dream home. Apart from leakages and seepage, you must also see low lying areas where water clogs life.

Low lying areas where water will arrest you in your home, besides this, the value of your home will fall over the years. In a city like Mumbai, where every monsoon gives nightmares to the residents of low lying areas where water clogs, damages the structures and enters homes for all types of illness. Over the years, roads are swelling and building compounds are lowering it level hence all water from roads enters the compounds of the buildings and houses.

Besides water crisis, you must also see surrounding of your future home follow things:

  1. Any mobile tower, the radiation is dangerous as it may get you cancer and especially handicapped children if pregnant women reside nearby.
  2. Any cemetery, Shamshan bhoomi, graveyard etc. The air will carry ashes of the cremated body.
  3. Nala, it will give lifetime free mosquitos and airborne diseases.
  4. Near the Railway station, famous temple, tourist place, airports etc. The 24 hour traffic and noise will kill your enjoyment of life.
  5. A slum or a huge tower which will obstruct the light and air, view etc.
  6. Any Worship place like temple/ Masjid / Gurudwara etc as their aarti and aazans may disturb you in vee hours.A good due diligence can always be better if you hire a good real estate broker who is not only aware of all this but also carpet area, project status, builder’s reputation in market and RERA Compliance. Industry standard is that brokers charge you 2% brokerage.

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