The VitsKamats Group Expands Its Footprint Across India, Targeting 30-Plus Hotels by the End of 2023

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By Staff Reporter

The VitsKamats Group, a prominent player in the Indian hospitality industry, is on the brink of a significant expansion plan, pan India that starts with the commitment of being at 30 hotels by the end of this year.

Dr. Vikram Kamat, the Chairman and Managing Director of The Vitskamats Group, announced on their Founder’s Day held on October 14th, “We have already started the expansion spree with VITS Jamnagar’s opening on October 1st, and within the next two months, we are in the process of opening VITS Ratnagiri, VITS Rajkot, VITS Diveagar, VITS Karad, and more than 5 acquisitions await contract signing and will be then announced.”

Dr. Vikram Kamat expressed his excitement: “We are thrilled to expand VITS Hotels and Resorts as part of our ongoing commitment to offer unparalleled hospitality experiences to our guests in every city. We aim to expand our footprint and reach over 30 hotels by the end of this year, with even more properties in the pipeline for the future.”

Vits Hotels and Resorts has long been synonymous with luxury and quality, consistently setting high standards in the hospitality sector. With a clear vision to enhance its presence across the nation, the group is delighted to introduce its new properties that are strategically located in prime destinations, catering to the diverse needs of both business and leisure travelers.

The group’s expansion is set to make a significant economic impact by creating jobs, supporting local businesses, and contributing to the growth of the Indian tourism industry.

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