Non Occupancy Charges is 5% in Goa

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By Goa Bureau
Sec. 133. Fees for non-occupancy of plot or dwelling unit.— A member of a co-operative
housing society who has been given consent under section 107 of the Act for parting
possession of his plot of land or dwelling unit shall pay every month to the society a
non-occupancy fee not exceeding 5% of the fees or compensation as provided in the
document between the member and sub-allottee as may be laid down in the bye-laws of
the society:
Provided that no such fees shall be paid if possession of such plot or dwelling unit is
parted with by a member, to a member of his family as defined in ‘Explanation’ under
section 6 of the Act.

6 thoughts on “Non Occupancy Charges is 5% in Goa

  1. the fee paid by my tenant has a maintenance charge component as mentioned in the document we signed. Yet the society is charging me 5% on the total. Does this not mean that I am paying 5% on the maintenance charges too?

  2. The owner pays to the Municipal Council extra charges for Non Occupancy depending on the agreement made, so paying to the Society 5% is quite alot. A samestandard charge should be levied for all non occupancy rented out

  3. Sir, My self A. M. Raj, Chairman of Diwakar Residency,Patrong,Baina,Vasco da gama, I leave my email id here with a humble request that if any changes in by laws or Act if possible kindly send a mail to intimate.

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