Editorial: Pay more, Get lesser carpet areas

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By Dr Sanjay Murari Chaturvedi

We have seen consumer goods, especially food and sops products, when a packet of 1 kg was Rs100/- they made 800 gms for Rs 100/- and we thought that nothing was changing. The price is the same but, actually we pay more and get less. Real Estate is now not an exception to this rule. Give less area for the same price. Say previously the price was 2 cr for a 2 bhk flat for 1000 sq ft, now it is 600 sq ft for the same price of 2 cr.

The property prices are not increasing or enhancing, stagnating, they said but actually, the new way of less area in the light of confusion created under the name of “RERA CARPET AREA”. Common men do not understand what RERA CARPET AREA is. They are now coining a new concept of USABLE AREA.

The prime objective of RERA is to have transparency. Duping customers in the name of carpet area and giving lesser area for enhanced price is unfair trade practices. Nothing less than cheating the poor home buyers.

The basic need to educate the customer is lacking. RERA must start educating home buyers as to how to use its website and what are the provisions of RERA to safeguardĀ their interest. Leaving everything on SRO and builders’ association to educate the society will not help. It will add on to litigation which we are witnessing every day, even after six years of RERA, the complaints are mounting in many parts of the country.

Let the buyer be aware, count every inch while paying for the carpet area, best practice is to hire an Architect to certify the area you get after purchasing.


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