Be aware of pseudo property listings

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By Staff Reporter
Putting great photos luring your attention for a lesser price either outright or for Rent, fraudsters are active on listing portals on the internet.
Similar fraud was reported on various hotel and resort booking sites where people booked online and it was found to be fraud.
Fraudsters have found a new way to identify their victims by putting false and fraudulent listings on the various property listing sites. Most common is RENTAL Accommodation where the listing puts a good attracting picture for a lesser rent and deposits. Once you call them, they will say that the property is just now occupied or sold, we shall send you a new proposal. The starting point of the trap is the so-called broker who will send many other proposals and ask you to give some advance to book the property. Run away with the advance or never return basis, they will keep sending you pics and videos of property which are not desirable to be occupied.
The listing portals will not connect you with the advertisers / owners / brokers directly, they will ask you to fill a small form of email and mobile number then only they will connect with the seller or landlord who wants their property to be either sold or rented. Especially where there is NO BROKER, then the matter is more serious as the validity of the listing inserter is not identified by such sites and your data is in the public domain. You give permissions to these listing sites to send you notifications which will be bombarded in your inbox with irrelevant messages which may include fraudulent proposals as well. Be careful.

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