Visitors parking lots, must for housing societies

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By Legal cell

In order to deal with the day to day parking problems in Mumbai, the MCGM has decided to stressed hard upon the Development control regulation, 1991 as per which, it is compulsory for every housing society to have a provision for a visitors parking lot. Now in DCPR 2034 too, visitors parking must be provided.

In other metro cities in India, visitors’ parking is now statutory for any development. It is an added amenity to the residential areas. Usually, home buyers demand two car park for 2BHK and three car parks for above this. This already provided by the local self government and municipal corporation as an amenity to the flat / apartment.

Usually the societies do not allow the visitors to park within their premises. With no option left for the visitors other than parking the car on the road, the problems of road congestions do arise. As per the regulation, minimum 25% area ( within city limits ) and minimum 10% area( within suburban limits ) is a must to be reserved for the visitors parking. The MCGM has decided to go strict about the situation and shall take action against the societies that do not allot visitors parking area within the society premises as per the section 36(2) of the DC regulation.

If any society doesn’t have parking for visitors, then a complaint can now be filed at the local MCGM office, against which the corporation shall take action. One can also take the society managing committee to the court.

The societies are pointing that the builders do sale the parking lots when the flats are booked. With most of the flat owners having minimum one to three cars, it is difficult to have an area specifically allotted for visitors parking within the premises.

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