Transfer fees paid above Rs.25 k is not refundable

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By Legal Cell
In a land mark judgment Bombay High Court had said that sustanon 250 in uk you cannot ask for a refund unless you prove you were forced to pay the sum over and above the limit of Rs.25000/-.
The court has held that members of a co-operative housing society cannot seek a fund of transfer fees paid for transferring shares in his or her name unless they prove that the amount was paid under coercion. This is because the Society Act in Maharashtra states charging more than Rs.25000 as transfer fees is illegal.
Mr. Justice Roshan Dalvi reversed the order of a co-operative appellate court which had directed Bhartiya Bhavan Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. At Marin Drive to refund Rs.9.63 lakh to its member Krishna Bajaj.

One thought on “Transfer fees paid above Rs.25 k is not refundable

  1. generally , all housing societies collecting more amount by way of building repairing or any other head. The Parking sold by the Builders , the supreme court order/ judgement inspite of doing it. The Law and practice differ. The corruption is an criminal offence but it is practiceto get it done. The Break traffic signal offence , when caught fined or taking bribe allowed. The public aware of it. its personal views and opinion.

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