Traffic snags crashing real estate price in western part of Mumbai

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By Staff Reporter

Mumbai is divided into east and west. After the collapse of Andheri Bridge which was the only comfortable means to travel between east and west part of Mumbai, not northern suburbs like Malad Kandivali and Borivali, great inconvenience is faced by the Mumbaikars are going to West side from East and vice a versa from Bandra, Khar Santacruz, Vile Parle and Andheri is a nightmare. Travel time have become somewhere two hours to two and half hours if one has to travel from Santacruz West to BKC or Bandra East. Only respite is Khar and Milan subways which are too congested and road mehem starts in early hours of morning till late midnight.

Rains and potholes are playing havocs and making the like measurable. MMRDA have started laying of Metro lines on the main roads like S V Road, Linking Road where one cannot see sky now. Its like laying of railways on the roads. Main roads have become bye lane and single lane. Parking making great problems in Bandra West. The roads are choked in the rush hours and there is no way one can come out of home in ease with his / her vehicle.

Looking at this, suddenly property rate have started declining in the western suburbs because of connectivity and travel time. There are no takers even for discounts in the projects where the possession date is yet to come within six months. Only old tenants and member sof the society are purchaings in the same cosity for want of bigger place that too with lowest negotiated price with builder.

Because of the chaotic situation on roads, CBD areas like BKC have become another Sakinaka where one cannot find parking, and conveyance easily. After 4 pm no auto or taxi will accept your request.

Looking at the mayhem on the roads, western suburbs right from Bandra to Andheri witnessing no deal days and no price enhancement.

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