Sumit Woods Ltd. unveils Show Flats and Uniquely Designed Fitness Center for the Sumit Atulyam project in Matunga (W)

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Mumbai, 22nd August, 2023: Sumit Woods Ltd., a renowned name in the real estate
industry, unveiled the show flat and uniquely designed fitness centre for the Sumit
Atulyam project. The luxury residential project nestled in the vibrant Matunga West
(Mumbai) conceived in 2021 and with meticulous planning and dedicated efforts
completed execution of the plinth level to the 22nd-floor slab in a time frame of 15
months making it the only project progressing at a high pace in the vicinity.
Sumit Atulyam has garnered significant attention since its inception, promising a blend
of modern luxury and unparalleled convenience. With an astute approach, the initial
amenities within the plans underwent a process of deliberate consolidation, culminating
refined expanse at the distinguished podium level.
Sumit Atulyam also unveiled 3 show flats – two 2BHK (831 sq. ft. with balcony & 670 sq.
ft. without balcony) & one 3BHK (1141 sq. ft. with balcony) and a uniquely designed
fitness centre in the aforementioned timespan. The residential units were strategically
harmonized, optimizing spatial utilization to establish elegant lobby spaces and a
notably expansive two-lane driveway ramp.
The introduction of Aluminum Shuttering, a cutting-edge construction technology,
played a pivotal role in expediting the project's pace. The advanced method proved to
be more effective, time-efficient and though more expensive, greatly improved the
overall construction process. This anticipated project embraces multifaceted benefits,
not solely enhancing the future residents' quality of life but also imparting a heightened
efficiency to the construction process, a testament to the brand’s commitment to
Commenting on this milestone, Mr. Mitaram Jangid, Managing Director, Sumit
Woods Ltd. shared, “Our commitment to excellence and our customers' trust have
been the cornerstones of our accomplishments. It gives us immense pleasure to
announce the slab completion of our landmark project within a short time frame. We are
diligently looking forward to great sales this festive season, while the team has already
attracted 60% sales through traditional marketing and sales practice. Customers are
now welcomed to inspect show flats and get a sense of opulent living, the structure has
to offer.”
Sumit Woods Ltd. was entrusted with the redevelopment of Sumit Atulyam, a project
facilitated by Mr. P.N. Bhobe, Chief Architect, P. N. Bhobe & Associates during the post-
Covid period. The project embarked on a journey to redefine modern living by
revamping the initial plans and aligning them with the brand's vision for optimal space
utilization and resident satisfaction.

Mr. P.N. Bhobe, Liasoning Architect, P. N. Bhobe & Associates shares, “Our
objective was to create a modernized design structure to provide our customers a
prolific residential living experience. A culture of relentless progression with an
innovative high-tech approach is a driving force in infrastructure developments. The
team’s dedicated efforts, combined with collaborative coordination, secured
permissions, approvals ensured that Sumit Atulyam's journey was marked by timely
execution and a commitment to innovation.”
The journey of Sumit Atulyam represents more than just construction; it is a testament
to the collective dedication and perseverance of Sumit Woods Ltd. With over 100
workers on-site daily and an agile sales team that seamlessly translates vision into
reality, Sumit Atulyam's completion is a resounding achievement in every dimension.

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