Research Papers: Urban Land Ceiling Act 1976

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A Critical Analysis of impact on Housing

By Nipun Vaid

This research paper is an attempt to understand the relevance of the Urban Land Ceiling Act, 19761, in today’s scenario keeping in mind the fact that India is striving to be a market driven economy and the reasons for which it should be repealed. To answer the first question the history of the Act being passed has been looked into and the intention of the legislators understood and then a comparison with the present day functioning of the Act has been done in order to understand whether the goals have been met.

To answer the second question the researcher has looked into the reasons given by the states that repealed the act and the subsequent developments in those states in terms of land use and its positive impacts on the economy, to see whether the repeal of the Act was a prudent move.

Read or Download the Research Paper here: Urban Land Ceiling Act – Nipun

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