Maharashtra Society Forms: Form 26, [Under the Bye-law Nos.17 (b), 19A (vii), 19C (iv) and 38 (e) (xi)] Self Declaration

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On a HUNDRED Rupee Stamp paper



Form No. 26

[Under the Bye-law Nos.17 (b), 19A (vii), 19C (iv) and 38 (e) (xi)]

A Form of Declaration for not holding immovable property

in any Urban Agglomeration, specifid under the

Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976,

exceeding 500 sq.meteres.

(To be given by the Transferee/Person seeking

direct admission to membership)

I/We, Shri/Smt./Messrs ________________________________________________________________
intending member of the ___________________________ Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. at
_______________________ proposing to hold Flat No. ________________________
having _____________________ sq.metres area, in the building of the society hereby declare that I/We do
not hold any vacant land or land with a building thereon, anywhere in any urban agglomeration,

mentioned in the Urban land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976, the area of which exceeds

500 sq.metres.

Place :

Date :

Signature of the Transferee/Prospective Member

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