K Raheja Realty celebrates 67 years legacy of quality, workmanship, planning and solidity

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By Staff Reporter

Mumbai, 11th July 2023: Known for building marvelous architecture, K Raheja Realty, a
prominent name in India's real estate sector joyfully commemorates its 67 years of legacy. The
celebrations symbolize an extraordinary voyage of unparalleled distinction and groundbreaking
advancements within the realty industry. Since its inception in 1956, K Raheja Realty has been
consistently leading the way in reshaping cityscapes and revitalizing environments across with
its commendable contribution and constructions.
Throughout their illustrious 6-decade history, K Raheja Realty has become synonymous to an
extraordinary heritage built on a foundation of innovation, uncompromising quality, and
unwavering customer contentment. Renowned as one of the nation's esteemed and reliable
real estate developers, the company's visionary guidance and construction standards have
played a pivotal role in its enduring triumph. With an extensive portfolio of successful
residential, commercial, and retail projects, K Raheja Realty has transformed the real estate
landscape in Mumbai. The company is poised to continue its remarkable legacy and contribute
to the nation's progress with a robust pipeline of projects in various stages of development.
The company's commitment to sustainable development is reflected in its projects that
emphasize energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental sustainability. K Raheja
Realty has received numerous accolades and certifications for its green initiatives,
demonstrating its dedication to building a better and greener future.
Commenting on this remarkable milestone, Mr. Sandeep Raheja, Chairman, K Raheja Realty
said, “Celebrating 67 years of legacy is a significant milestone for us at K Raheja Realty. We are
immensely proud of the rich heritage and the remarkable achievements we have accomplished
over the years. Our success can be attributed to our steadfast focus on delivering unparalleled
quality, ethical business practices, and a passion for creating sustainable and vibrant
To commemorate celebrations of this milestone, K Raheja Realty has meticulously planned a
wide range of initiatives. The company extends a heartfelt appreciation to its esteemed
customers, dedicated employees, and valued stakeholders and remains focused on its vision of
shaping skylines and creating sustainable urban ecosystems that foster growth and well-being.

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