Excessive marketing in offing with bombardment from tele callers

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By Staff Reporter

For taking info from listing websites for property and real estate, one has to put phone numbers to get seller’s information. Likewise, every shop, mall, retail space, merchandise, medical shop, retail shop, food courts are gathering data from customers by asking their mobile number. It is not at all compulsory to give mobile number to such purchase and services, though it has become mandatory by practice to take mobile number before they give you your purchases and service.

Similarly, property exhibitions, property listing site gather your mobile number and data and sell to the builders and user wherein tele callers are now bombarding you every now and then. Irrespective of your DND (Do not Disturb) status provided by the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Almost 50 odd SMS comes in mobile every day for property related offers from builders and big corporate real estate brokers.

You as a data for your insurance company, bankers, even income tax consultants, aggregators and consultants appointed by the government for income tax, passport, driving license use data to market products and property.

A huge pressure from financial institutes on the builders and developers is mounting wherein such desperate marketing activities are resorted at the cost of privacy of the people.

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