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  • Gujarat’s largest, 3000 seater & spread across 1,80,000 sq feet
  • Total Assets Under Management – 9 Lakhs Sq feet
  • Pan India presence with 25+ Centers across 11 cities
  • To double India portfolio by investing Rs 60 crore

 Ahmedabad, July 24, 2023: DevX, Gujarat’s largest Managed Office Space provider, today announced the launch of it’s 4th Coworking space in Ahmedabad – a 1,80,000 sq feet, 3000 seater center on SBR road. The new center is the largest Co-working space in Gujarat. To further expand it’s national presence, DevX plans to double it’s India portfolio by investing Rs 60 crore.

Recently feted as Gujarat’s leader in the Managed office space segment, DevX is a co-working space cum accelerator founded in September 2017 by 3 entrepreneurs Rushit, Umesh Parth (the RUPaiyya trio as they are known in the ecosystem) and one listed entity: Dev Information Technology Ltd. The company was envisioned as a Startup Accelerator focussed on nurturing innovative startups by providing them with all requirements. Positioning DevX as an equal partner in growth, the company supports through their allied strategic partnerships and services. The different initiatives of DevX are thus structured to build synergies, enabling cross-pollination of ideas as a means of collaborative growth and development. The company’s initiatives address different requirements across the value chain.


Speaking on the launch, Mr Umesh Uttamchandani, Co-Founder – DevX said, “Launching our 4th  center in Ahmedabad helps us further consolidate DevX’s leadership position as Gujarat’s leader in the space and reaffirms our core values of offering world-class office infrastructure with an immersive experience. We are proud to be setting standards for the segment to aspire to. With our stated business goal of being the partner of choice for GCCs (Global capability Centres) & ODCs (Offshore Development Centres), I am excited about the future of the Industry. Growth-centric corporates are increasingly opting for managed workspaces, which perfectly meshes with our philosophy of offering best-in-class work-space experiences at competitive pricing. With 25+ centres across India, DevX will double it’s India portfolio by investing 60 crore.”

Commenting on their experience, Mr Yash Shah, Co-founder & CEO – Clientjoy, said, “At ClientJoy, we aimed to focus on what we do best and outsource the rest. DevX provided the perfect solution with its flexible and collaborative office spaces that reflect our culture and values. Now, our team is more productive, happier, and free from the burden of managing an office, allowing us to concentrate on growing our business”.

Putting it in perspective, Mr Nish Patel, CEO at Paperchase said, “At Paper Chase Accountancy, we were on a mission to elevate our multinational brand image across various cities and countries. DevX proved to be the perfect partner, swiftly providing us with a vibrant and fun workspace design that energized our work culture. With DevX’s agile management and responsive support, our scattered offices now unite into a single, collaborative space, fostering synergy and enabling us to focus on our customers and growth.”

“Working in APAC for 10 years, I’ve found the Indian market to be fantastic. The resources and expertise here are invaluable. DevEx’s flexible and well-equipped office space has made the transition smooth, and the positive environment and collaborative spaces make it a space I’d be proud to work in, even in London.” – Steve Milner, Sr. Infrastructure Consultant, Atech Cloud

As a core part of the ecosystem, DevX also provides, round the year, a platform for industry, academia, professionals and companies to hold hackathons, seminars, events etc…to address trends and issues. The company is planning further expand and thus consolidate it’s pan-India presence by 2023 end.

About DevX:

DevX is a co-working cum accelerator envisioned to provide world-class, best-in-breed services to its clients. Firmly rooted in the ethos of collaborative growth through partnerships, DevX offers immersive accelerator services across the value chain.  

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