Cluster Redevelopment in Abhyudaya Nagar: A Boon for Urban Renewal

Abhyudaya Nagar
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The recent approval by the state government for cluster redevelopment in Abhyudaya Nagar, a prominent colony in Parel, marks a pivotal moment in the revitalization of urban spaces. With 48 three- and four-storey buildings spread across 33 acres, housing over 3,400 residents, this redevelopment initiative holds immense promise for transforming the area into a modern and sustainable urban hub.

Background and Development:

Constructed by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) over 60 years ago, Abhyudaya Nagar has been a witness to the evolution of Mumbai’s urban landscape. Now, with the mandate from the state housing department, MHADA is tasked with appointing a construction and development agency through a competitive bidding process. The chosen agency must secure consent from at least 51% of the residents before commencing the redevelopment project.

Empowered Committee and Regulatory Framework:

To expedite the project, an empowered committee, led by the additional chief secretary of the housing department, has been established. This committee is entrusted with crucial responsibilities such as approving key appointments, overseeing the bidding process, finalizing the selected bidder, and addressing any project-related issues. The redevelopment will be governed by rule 33(5)(2) of the Development Control Promotion Regulations (DCPR), 2034, which imposes a cap on the floor space index at 4, ensuring balanced development within the area.

Historical Context and Community Participation:

Originally a colony for industrial workers on tenancy basis, Abhyudaya Nagar saw a transition in ownership to a cooperative housing society in 1985. In a significant move in 2015, the society democratically selected Rustomjee Developers as the redevelopment developer. Additionally, a corpus was established to facilitate post-redevelopment maintenance, reflecting the proactive approach of the community towards enhancing their living environment.


The approval of cluster redevelopment in Abhyudaya Nagar heralds a new chapter in the urban transformation narrative of Mumbai. As the project progresses under the stewardship of the state government and the empowered committee, it is poised to deliver not just physical infrastructure but also a renewed sense of community and vibrancy to the residents of Parel.

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