75% should agree for redevelopment of housing society in Gujarat

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By Gujarat Bureau

Last May, that in May 2019, Gujarat Govt got consent from President for Amendment made to “The Gujarat Ownership Flats (Amendment) Bill” which provided way for redevelopment of thousands of dilapidated buildings in Gujarat.

The Amended At now provide for requisite of 75% consent of members of a housing society to go for redevelopment. Previously it was required to take 100 consent of its member for redevelopment.
A boom in redevelopment of buildings and old structure can be seen since last one in year in the city of Ahmadabad where more than 2 lakhs structures and buildings are going in for redevelopment.
The new Amended Act of Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act have now pave way for a flood of projects and FSI in the city where good locations are in demand and redevelopment of buildings have surpassed new constructions in outskirt areas.
A society which is registered in the state will have to take consent of only 75% for going in for redevelopment.
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