40,000 Housing Societies and Cess Buildings up for Redevelopment in Mumbai

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By Dr Sanjay Murari Chaturvedi

Mumbai, a dream city, one of the highest density of population in the world have open its flood gate for redevelopment. The entire city is now upgrading and almost every second structure in Mumbai is going in for the redevelopment.

Approximately 14000 Cessed Buildings and BDD Chawl, 20,000 Co-operative housing societies, 1500 slum rehabilitation projects and 18 gaothan and Koliwadas or urban villages (Villages in Mumbai) along with the entire eastern waterfront and other fringe areas are up for redevelopment under DPCR 33.

Mumbai has a separate Development Promotion Control Regulation up to 2034 . Clause 33 along with additional FSI and exemptions are making redevelopment projects viable.

Following table show the redevelopment under various clauses for additional FSI in the city.

33(12) Redevelopment in Town Planning Schemes 42 Town planning Schemes
33(16) In Gaithans and Koliwadas 18 Gaothan and other Villages, Koliwadas
33(5) of MHADA 104 MHADA Housing Projects
33(10) Slum Rehabilitation 1513 SRA Projects
33(7) Cessed buildings 14207 Cessed Buildings
33(22) Existing Housing Societies Over 40,000 Housing Societies under various stages and process for redevelopment


Almost 41.85% of Mumbai’s population is housed on 9% of land area in the main city. It is estimated that slums, after rehabilitation, will confine to only 3.1 % of the city land area. Total Residential land in the city is 25% which indicates that total housing stock in th city is accommodated on 25% of the land.

As the Redevelopment galore, by 2034, nearly 70 lakh people will be housed on not more than 1300 ha of land in the city.

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